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Backup refers to making copies of data so that the copies can be used to restore the original data after the data has been lost. Backup are very important for Computer Management; the question is not whether you will ever lose data. This is a question of when will it happen? When that happens, you do not want to get stuck in the wrong place without backing up all your data. The five most important words in computing are:


Post-crash restoration and backup are essential for a small number of files after accidental damage. Because the backup system stores at least one copy for all data, the data storage requirements may be higher.
The most difficult part of backing up data is managing storage space and managing the process. Many different types of data storage devices are used to create backups. There are many ways in which these devices can be used to provide geographic integration, data security and transportation.

Data must be removed from the system before backing up the device. There are many different techniques to do this. These include dealing with open files and direct data sources, as well as compression, encryption, and copying. It is important to understand the limitations and human factors involved in any backup plan.

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